Seaming made simple.


Epoxy Modified Methacrylate Adhesive for Quartz, Natural Stone, Solid Surface, Ceramic and more…


Surface Bonder Xi is the latest generation of color matched adhesives for the surfacing industry. Available in more than 300 pre-mixed colors developed for modern demanding fabrication methods such as laminating, mitering, v-grooving, integral mounted sinks and bowls, and applications subject to dynamic loads.

Surface Bonder Xi is a semi-automated mix and dispenser system composed of a dual component cartridge, static mixer and a hand-held dispenser. The system accurately measures, mixes and dispenses the correct amount of pre-colored adhesive, providing consistent results, fast and uniform cure, reliable bond strength and minimal waste.

Automates Adhesive Application

Provides the Strength of Epoxy, the Speed and Color stability of Acrylic
Eliminate Hand Mixing and Tinting
Reduce Waste
Polish to match the gloss of surrounding material
Cures in as little as 20 minutes
Custom formulations available for special applications needs such as faster cure, extended working time, or increased flexibility

Integra’s reputation for innovation and product development continues with the first color matched system specifically developed for the stone industry. Using a small range of adhesive colors, we have matched the most popular stones on the market. Over 200 of them! Click here to find out what adhesive color to use for a specific stone.

Meets or exceeds Indoor Air Quality standards

Surface Bonder Xi is a low-emitting product, tested by Eurofins, a world renown independent laboratory. Using Surface Bonder Xi will help qualify for LEED points. Please refer to the VOC Content and LEED Report.