250 ML Sandstone

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Sandstone Surface Bonder Xi is the latest generation of color matched adhesives for the surfacing industry. Available in more than 300 pre-mixed colors, therefore developed for modern demanding fabrication methods like laminating, mitering, v-grooving, integrated mounted sinks and bowls, and applications subject to dynamic loads.

Surface Bonder Xi is a semi-automated mix and dispenser system composed of a dual component cartridge, static mixer, and a hand-held dispenser as a result. Therefore the system accurately measures, mixes, and dispenses the correct amount of pre-colored adhesive, providing consistent results, fast and uniform cure, reliable bond strength, and minimal waste.

Bulk discount available when you buy 20 or more tubes!*
*Maximum of 4 different colors per case of 20 tubes.

250 mL Tubes Include (2) X-Stream Tips.

Shipping Note: Cannot ship via air – only ground.

Integra Adhesive Surface Bonder is a premium grade adhesive for consequently bonding solid surface, granite, and quartz sheet goods and molded products.

  • Laminating / Seaming / V-Groove systems
  • Automates Adhesive Application as a result
  • Provides the Strength of Epoxy, the Speed, and Color stability of Acrylic
  • Reduce Waste, Eliminate Hand Mixing, and Tinting
  • 200 colors create invisible seams and laminations
  • Polish to match the gloss of surrounding material
  • Strongest bonds