CUSMAR: Batchmaster™ II automated metering system by Gruber Systems


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This Batchmaster 2 come complete with Ground Hopper, Bulk Bag Frame, and Catalyst Metering System.

The BatchMaster II is the second generation automated metering system for use in cultured marble and solid surface batch mixing. We have combined a new control system with the best features of our previous generation batching system and added new options like catalyst and base color metering into a single system that is the most flexible and reliable on the market.

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Reference Code: CUSMAR

Application: Automated Metering and Batch Mixing of Cast Polymer and Composites and other ingredients.

The Batchmaster II Automated Metering System is used to batch mix matrix for cast polymer or composites applications – including the most popular uses for making cultured marble, cultured onyx, solid surface, or other cast polymer matrix. It is also used for a variety of composites applications.


 Key features include:

Three different metering modes – Combining the best features of weight-based and volumetric metering, the dispensing system can be used in three different metering modes – Weight Gain, Weight Loss, and Volumetric. The system will store up to 20 different cast polymer matrix formulations, and mix those with push button convenience.
Use of this system will reduce your labor costs, and minimize material waste from inefficient manual mixing operations.