500 ML Rodding Tip (Pack of 5)


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(For Rodding Compound RD50 cartridges)

-Pack of 5



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Rodding Compound 500 ML Mixing Tips

(For Rodding Compound RD50 cartridges)

Integra’s system includes mixing and dispensing tools designed to compliment the properties of the adhesive as a result. The X-Stream Large Mixing Tip features all of the great benefits of the standard mixing tip, but has a larger tip body for high-viscosity materials. This tip reduces hand fatigue and is compatible with RD50.


Compound is an apoxy-based bonder designed specifically to embed fiberglasss or steel reinforcement rods like in countertops. The process can improve load tolerance up to 300% and deflection up to 1600% as a result. 




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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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